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Constitution & By-Laws Committee

The Committee is composed of one member from each district in the state. It shall be the duty of the District Governor to appoint a member from his/her District and to confirm that he/she will serve. The Council, at its first meeting, will appoint a Chair and a Vice Chair for this Committee.


The Constitution and By-Laws Committee shall be required to establish, maintain, and review the Multiple District 34 Constitution and By-Laws and Multiple District Policy Manual. Said Committee is hereby authorized to make such changes and designations as is necessary to perpetuate a uniform method of citation and reference throughout the documents.
The Multiple District Constitution and By-Laws Committee shall receive for its consideration all proposed amendments and resolutions referred to it. It shall be the further duty of the committee to also consider amendments and resolutions originating within the committee, which if approved by the committee will be presented to the Multiple District Convention, or in reference to Policy considerations, presented to the Council of Governors. The Committee shall evaluate the merits of the proposed amendments and the resolutions and determine by vote of the Committee which proposed amendments and resolution have sufficient merit to be presented to the Multiple District Convention for consideration by that body. The Constitution By-Laws Committee shall report out all amendments and resolutions submitted to it by the Council of Governors. The Committee Chair shall call timely meeting(s) of the Committee.


Section 1. AMENDING PROCEDURE. This Constitution may be amended only at the Annual Multiple District Convention, by resolution reported by the Constitution and By-Laws Committee and adopted by an affirmative vote of at least two-thirds (2/3) of the registered delegates casting votes.

Section 2. NOTIFICATION. A copy of all proposed amendments shall be mailed by the Multiple District Administrator to each Lions Club in the Multiple District no less than thirty
(30) days prior to the convening date of the Annual Convention at which the proposed amendments are to be presented.

Section 3. COUNCIL AMENDMENTS – All proposed amendments and resolutions originating from the Council of Governors shall be submitted in writing to the Constitution & By-Laws Committee for consideration on or before January 1 of each year. Upon receipt of such amendments and resolutions the Committee Chair shall call a meeting of said committee on or before February 1. All proposed amendments and resolutions originating herein shall be presented to the Council for review.