Alabama Lions MD34

Serving all of the State of Alabama.  Join a local group of service-minded men and women who volunteer to support their community every day.


Alabama Lions Vision Missions

The Alabama Lions Vision Missions exists to provide international ophthalmic assistance to indigent citizens in foreign countries. This project provides an opportunity to serve under the Lions Club international banner to foster understanding, goodwill, and personal growth and enrich the lives of thousands of vision-deprived individuals. An annual meeting of the organization is held in conjunction with, and at the same time and location, as the MD-34 Lions of Alabama Annual Convention.

Alabama Lions High School All-star Band

The Alabama Lions High School All-Star Band began when our own PIP William (Bill) Chandler was running for President in 1980. The band operates under the supervision of the International Convention Committee and may be used when the International Convention is held within the USA or Canada. The band has participated in many International Conventions, representing Alabama Lions, since 1980. Our band has been the “hit” of the parade garnering great applause and cheers from spectators and Lions from around the world.

Alabama Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center

To help conserve sight by collecting, processing, cataloging and distributing donated eyeglasses without charge to individuals in areas of the world.

Alabama Lions Opportunity for Youth Fund (ALOYF)

ALOYF was created by the Lions of Alabama to honor the service of PIP J. Frank Moore III. ALOYF is a I.R.C. Section 501(c)(3), Alabama non-profit corporation, that sponsors and supports the youth projects of the Lions of Alabama, Multiple District 34.  ALOYF gives college scholarships to graduating high school seniors in Alabama in the name of PIP J. Frank Moore III. Tax exempt donations to continue the work of funding scholarships by ALOYF may be sent to the following address:

P.O. Box 2436
Ozark, AL 36361

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