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Finance and Operations Committee

The Committee is composed of at least one member from each district in the state. It shall be the duty of the District Governor to appoint a member from his/her District and to confirm that he/she will serve. The Council, at its first meeting, will appoint a Chairman and a Vice Chairman for this Committee.

A. Finance Function
3. Objective — To assist the Council of Governors in its constitutional responsibility of establishing policies and procedures as related to management and control of the business, property and funds of Multiple District 34 and periodically review the financial status of the Multiple District.
4. Duties – Works with the Council Chair, Multiple District Staff, Multiple District Secretary, and Treasurer as well as other committees on financial matters to include the following:
(d During the month of April or May, develop a preliminary budget for the next fiscal year. Compile information from Multiple District Office staff, Multiple District Office Review Committee Chair, and Multiple District Treasurer.
(e At the first Council of Governors meeting of the year, present a Multiple District budget for the current fiscal year to the Council of Governors for final adoption.
(f Review bank accounts, investments, and the disbursement and transfer of funds.
(g Periodically review all financial policy and makes recommendations to the Council of Governors for any change. Request the Council of Governors to engage independent counsel for advice should the need be identified.

B. Office Operations Function Duties – The Committee shall conduct an annual performance review of the Multiple District Office and staff; review all management, control of business procedures and fixed assets of the Multiple District.
(a The Committee shall meet with the staff at the beginning of each fiscal year for orientation, and at least ninety (90) days prior to the Annual Convention of each year, or at the request of the seated Council.
(b The Committee shall designate the fiduciary institution for the Multiple District funds; make recommendations to Council for any changes to office operations, to include employees and establishment or adjustments in the annual compensation for each employee.
(c Any changes requiring a vote by the delegates to the Multiple District Annual Convention must be sent to the Constitution and By-Laws Committee more than ninety (90) days prior to the Multiple District Annual Convention in order to be presented to Council for its approval and be presented to the delegation at the Multiple District Annual Convention for adoption.