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Trading Pin and Banner Committee

The Alabama Lions Trading Pin and Banner Committee is composed of one member from each District in Multiple District 34. It shall be the duty of the District Governor to appoint a member from the District and confirm he/she will serve. The Council, at their first meeting, shall appoint a Chair and Vice Chair of the committee. The Committee will meet prior to the October meeting of the Council and present to the Council at that meeting, designs, and cost for Council approval.

The Alabama Lions Trading Pin and Banner Committee shall:

1. Decide on the designs to be presented to the Council.
2. Draft drawing of design with information as to dimensions, coloring and finish desired.
3. Contact manufacturers with design and ask for quote on number of pins and banners for submission of sample.
4. When samples and quotes arrive, meet with Council at October Council meeting for Council approval of pins or banners. The Council should determine the design and the successful bidder and authorize the number to be ordered.
5. Figure cost as best possible so State Office can begin to advertise article for sale.
6. Contact manufacturer with approval to begin production.
7. Sell items at the MD Leadership Conference, State Convention, International Convention and District Conventions if requested.
8. Within thirty (30) days after the conclusion of the fiscal year, forward to the State Office a complete statement of all income and expenses including canceled checks, vouchers, invoices, paid receipts for State Audit. Make a report at the first Council meeting after International Convention. The audited report will become a part of the State Convention Minutes.
In order to enter the Trading Pin Contest, all Clubs, Districts and Multiple Districts must have purchased pins from a licensee approved by the Club Supplies Division of International headquarters. All pins are to be made for the purpose of trading, not for resale. Any evidence that pins are being sold will automatically disqualify them from competition.